Public establishment “Foundation for the Development of Nature Protection Projects”

Public Establishment “Foundation for Development of Nature Protection Projects”

The public establishment “Foundation for the Development of Nature Protection Projects” (“Gamtosaugos projektų vystymo fondas”) was established on the 16th of April, 2003. The incorporator is private limited company UAB “Litagros prekyba”, which belongs to the “Litagra” Group and has been supporting the Foundation since its establishment in 2003. Foundation has been closely cooperating with the ornithologists of the Kaunas Tadas Ivanauskas Zoology Museum.

The principal aim pursued by the Foundation is to sustain the biological diversity and ensure the preservation of natural environment in Lithuania as well as to promote the ideas of nature protection and management within the society. The Foundation supports the development of scientific, practical and information activities undertaken within the area of environment protection, makes proposals to the authorities concerning the respective legislation and is involved in practical effort aimed at preserving rare and vanishing species. The Foundation is performing a continuous project “Protection of White-tailed eagles in Lithuania”, launched since the establishment of organization and aiming at the preservation of internationally protected species of bird – the White-tailed eagle.